• A Period Piece

  • Resistance

  • Road Dogs

  • Rurality

  • Save Our Sisters Alaska- Silent No More

  • Sealskin

  • Palm Sunday

  • Sex Sells

  • A Trip with Mom

  • Checkpoint

  • CHICA_Shotly



  • The Biggest Little

  • The Expats International Ingrams

  • The Glare

  • The Yellow Dress

  • Two Different Kinds of Love

  • When We Gather

  • Wytch Craft

  • She Saved Me

  • You Haven’t Seen What I’ve Seen


  • Diabla

  • Endgame

  • Falafel

  • From A Distance

  • Get Lost in Colombia

  • Greetings From Sarajevo

  • Hacker Fairies

  • Hekademia

  • Her Coming

  • Hurtful Truth

  • I Am Your Sister

  • I Never Left You Alone

  • In Plain Air

  • Its Me

  • Jen 28

  • Killing Me Softly With Her Love

  • Lake Forest Road

  • Lion on the Mat

  • Singapura

  • Losing Grace

  • Man Of Fire

  • On Our Own Island

  • Overshare

  • She Saved Me

  • Revolt She Said

About #LAWomensFest

The Los Angeles Women's International Film festival (#LAWomensfest) debuted the festival scene in 2005 and was hailed as “A must attend event for all women in the entertainment industry” (Backstage. 2005). #LAWomensfest is produced by Alliance of Women Filmmakers (AWF), a non-profit dedicated to the advancement and equality of women in entertainment. The festival serves as a platform for women filmmakers worldwide to share their unique stories with diverse audiences. Covered by prominent media outlets like “The Hollywood Reporter and “The Los Angeles Times” #LAWomensfest has been helmed “the festival that fights back” (Ms. Magazine. 2019). This year marks the festival’s 18th year which will be held virtually and in-person, featuring films made by women from around the world including, Austria, Israel, Italy, India and Nigeria to name a few. Alliance of Women Filmmakers has established a worldwide network of Artists who share their same mission of creating opportunities and powerful screen images of women. Engage with the AWF community March 24 – March 27, 2022 in person or from the comfort of your home to connect with visionary filmmakers, see great films and celebrate the achievements of women storytellers from around the world.

This festival is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.




Volunteering with LAWIFF is an opportunity to see incredible films, network with filmmakers and entertainment executives, make friends and take part in a truly collaborative event that supports and celebrates women filmmakers from around the world. For more information email dmeans25@yahoo.com put 2022 Volunteer Assignment in the subject line.


2022 #LAWomensFest

March 24th- March 27th, 2022

Submissions Now Open